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The Charms Of Taka Bonerate

Tinabo island, it looks so pretty isn’t?

There is one experience in my life that i will never ever forget. Two years ago, i remembered one day in November 2012, me and the others 8 of my friends for the first time stepped on land that always comes to my mind before it. I can only imagine how beautiful is that land, it names Selayar dan for sure it is Tinabo in Taka Bonerate region.

I have spend a lot of my times to talk about those experiences, but sure i will always share that story because that is one of the best exprience in my life. I am one of the lucky guy who can visit Taka Bonerate in that time. There is not much people who lucky as I am, even thought they are live in South Sulawesi. I was sedated after since. For somehow i feels like an addict who can never get enough and will keep craving more and more. That?s how I feel about Taka Bonerate.

I have visited a lot of place in my life, from beach to a mountain. But, Taka Bonerate gaves me a different story, i assumed that is because the struggle that I should took before I can stepped on the unusual land. Really needs a long struggle.

We start the journey from Makassar at 11 AM. We need a 10 hours before we can actually arrive at Benteng, the capital city of Selayar district. We have to spend one night in Benteng before tomorrow after the Jumah pray we leave for Jinato island. We sailing across Flores strait for about 6 hours. We have to spend one night at Jinato because it is imposibble to reach Tinabo at the night. Until that, we still can not realize how beautiful the nature that surround us. We already in Taka Bonerate, but we still can not enjoy it.

A few hours after the rise of the sun, we leave Jinato. The ocean was so pretty and clear, we barely can see the coral and the school of fish. ?A flying fish accompany us along the journey, the wind feels like gently caress our face. For me, that was a very nice experience. Two hours it?s passing ?and now there is a small island in front of us. That is Tinabo! Suddenly i feels like i am in heaven. I know i never been in heaven, but I believe that every place that brings a comfort actually a drop of heaven. And i am pretty sure that Tinabo is one of it.

Tinabo is just one amongs 21 island in Taka Bonerate district, but Tinabo is the only island that has been managed for a tourism purpose. A blinding white and soft sand welcoming us a second after we stepped on a dock. A clear water let us see the healthy coral, a school of fish and even a benign shark that swim happily. Suddenly I imagine a lovely girl that wave us, absolutely no reason to deny it unless you are a little bit insane.

Oh my God! Is that a heaven?

Taka Bonerate is the 3rd largest atol district in the world and surely that is a bless. Beneath the ocean lays a massive seduction from the bright and healthy coral. Don?t forget how happy the fish is, they swim happily all around and spread their happiness to whoever swim around them.

If you are not a diver ?just like me- then you should not worry. Taka Bonerate not just a heaven beneath. The scene in the ocean gives you a lot of reason to left your anxiety behind. As far as you can see, there is only a blue color of ocean who meets the blue color of sky. I bet you cannot resist the seduction of the ocean, i bet you will slowly lets the ocean lick your feet or even pulls you to the water.

Two years ago i really lulled by the charm of Taka Bonerate. I do feels like a junkie who never even try to let myself healed. I already wrote about Taka Bonerate a lot of time in this blog, just for an evidence how I really love that place.

Untill now, I still proud that I am one amongs my friend who ever stepped on Taka Bonerate. One day i believe that more people will talk and spread a story about Taka Bonerate, when that day comes I still can be proud that I have visit that heaven. And I am proud of it.

It is not an easy to reach Taka Bonerate. From Benteng, Selayar we still have to sailing across Flores strait for an hours. There is no regular shipping to Taka Bonerate or Tinabo and of course we have to spend a lot of money for that. A wise man said, a road to heaven is never been easy. Maybe that is why Taka Bonerate is never been easy to visit, to complete the title as a pieces of heaven in the foot of South Celebes.

I imagine, one day Taka Bonerate will be as famous as Wakatobi which is already been managed weel, or maybe as famous as Raja Ampat what has been promoted by a foreigner. When that time comes I really hope that Taka Bonerate still exist as a heaven without being destruct by the hands of a human. I wish.

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